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Bellevue Bungalow


Bellevue Bungalow

The Bellevue Bungalow is located in the historic Belhaven Heights in Jackson, MS. The location is one of the highest points in all of Jackson. This Mediterranean bungalow home boasts a clay tile roof, 3 bedrooms, 2 Baths, large deck, corner lot, large basement, wood floors, glass front cabinets in kitchen. The close proximity to downtown, local hospitals, universities makes it a great home book on AIRBNB.



The home is currently undergoing renovations to prepare for its AIRBNB debut. Follow Instagram @BellevueBungalow to stay updates on the progress! 

Community garden

The home is located at the intersection of Bellevue and Madison in the historic Belhaven Heights which makes it an ideal site for a neighborhood community garden. The community garden is projected to be ready Spring 2019. Follow Instagram @BellevueBungalow to get involved and stay updated on the progress! 



Bellevue bungalow marketplace

As new furniture is purchased and updated appliances are installed, we will post any discarded items on this page. Items for sale may include desks, lamps, tables, etc. Items for rent includes lawn mower, trimmer, and power tools. Check back soon!