JJ Townsend


What We can All Learn From McConaughey

ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT.... I'm not sure why people feel very antagonistically toward Matthew McConaughney. He seems like a genuine southern guy, he's good looking, good body and his career is through the roof. The resentment may come from his roll-out-of-the-bed-show-up-and-make-it-look-easy  persona. Whether you like him or not, there are things we can learn from him:

1.) His ability to adapt, commit, and deliver He masterfully embody his roles whether he's a small town lawyer, lover, or HIV stricken bull rider/electrician.

2.) Find your frequency His best known aphorism "just keep livin" inspiring his foundation (JK LIvin) and clothing line (JKL), and the clothing line's tagline, "Find your frequency" --- Shouldn't we all aspire to get the most out of life by discovering that one thing that makes us tick?

3.) Golden Globes acceptance speech His speech was one of the most "off the whim-unprepared" speeches of the night however he had a few quotable and thoughtful lines. One anecdote about his mom telling him and his siblings to out make it happen and the second was about [Dallas Buyers Club] "it was always about living never about dying". Although, if he wins an Oscar he should consider giving a meaningful tribute to gays and people still living with HIV. Tom Hanks made an inspiring Oscar acceptance speech for his role in Philadelphia in '93. Leto and McConaughey will have a perfect platform to do the same in 2014.