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Branding the Male Vanity

Taking pride in maintaining a well-groomed appearance now defines a man in today’s society more than ever. In the past, it was uncommon for men to purchase personal care products for themselves. Now, the majority of men buy personal care products. Men care about their appearance and are buying beauty products at a faster rate than ever before.

The most recent research shows that men are spending twice as much on personal care products than in the past. A British study found that men look for personal care products designed specifically for men. Another recent study explained that men’s facial skincare products such as serum and eye cream are gaining popularity in the male personal care industry. Two-fifths of men use facial moisturizers and one-fifth of men use hand and nail personal care products.

In the United Kingdom, the men’s facial skincare market is valued at 58 million euros. Companies like Dove have capitalized on this growing trend by developing and marketing new lines such as Dove Men+Care and No7 Men.

This change in the marketplace is a reflection of changing attitudes. Men are increasingly finding new ways to groom themselves and are becoming a growing target market for personal care and beauty companies.

Additionally, fashion designers are also looking to appeal to men with unisex grooming products. For instance, Marc Jacobs is expected to launch three unisex products in the near future, including moisture balm, brow gel and concealer. Moreover, Amazon announced it will have a new section on its website for men’s cosmetics products. The new male personal care products include anti-aging products and nail and cuticle creams.

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