JJ Townsend


Trumpeter Swans

“Managing an advertising agency isn't all beer and skittles. After fourteen years of it, I have come to the conclusion that the top man has one principle responsibility: to provide an atmosphere in which creative mavericks can do useful work.”

trumpeter swans

DAVID OGILVY coined people who combined personal genius with inspiring leadership as “trumpeter swans” in arguably the best institutional advertisement by an ad agency ever. Most ad agencies expect a flesh and blood copy of what their old world perception expects to see in a leader and chief creative. Welcome now to the new world. The most successful business man of the decade decidedly shows up in sneakers, jeans and a tee. While you are here, look around and you will find that no one here lives up to your expectation. However you are not all too off with your expectations.

Oh yeah, The Agency is looking for Trumpeter Swans to lead our creative department for the 2014-2015 school year. Visit website for application.