JJ Townsend



It seems to me that a number of people did the right in this matter of Adrian Peterson. The mother took the 4 year old to the doctor. The doctor saw the bruises on him and notified the authorities. The authorities took action.

Now to the NFL. Did you ever think about how this whole thing looks? When a player is out on the field, they call “unnecessary roughness” when a tackler keeps running toward a quarterback who just tripped. You get 15 yards for it. What does the NFL do with a player who whips his four-year-old with a tree branch ‘til a doctor has to take action - just to protect the kid from more? Suppose a player did something like this to another player during a game, got hold of a tree branch and started whipping an opponent with it... What kind of penalty would that draw? One Sunday on the bench? That's what Peterson got for doing just that - just that! - to a 4 year old who didn't have a referee out there to protect him. 

I’m with the kid. The NFL is with the beater. Who are the advertisers with? 

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