JJ Townsend


Cheers to 2015

My challenge in 2013 was to become a pescatarian by Easter Monday. Happy to say I'm 2 years meat-free and couldn't feel better about my long-term health. Thanks to all of my friends who gave me suggestions, I've decided to take on three other challenges for 2015. Here it goes: 

First challenge is to improve my writing skills by writing about the fancy food I eat when traveling. Oddly, many people are interested in what I eat and often ask for my opinion on particular restaurants I dine when 'in transit' so I expect to post extended Yelp-style reviews on this blog under the JJ eat World category. Here is the first entry. Becoming a pescatarian has changed the way I approach, buy, and consume food. It has also opened my eyes to several issues surrounding food deserts and food insecurities around the country; hence, I plan to write a little about food in impoverished communities. And yes, I'll definitely over share food pictures on Instagram @JJeatWorld account so give it a follow.

Second challenge is to learn as much about a topic as I can each month -- with an emphasis on learning about different culture, beliefs, histories, industries, and technologies. This will probably be the most stimulating of the three challenges. I really enjoy the company of people who know a little about just about everything. It makes for interesting conversation.  Chiefly, this challenge will provide a deeper understanding of various people with different cultures and opposing ideological beliefs that I hope will help me to become a better ally.

Third challenge is to run a 10K or half marathon in at least 10 different states outside of Mississippi. I'm always looking for ways rejuvenate my running experience. I've complete hundreds of races in various lengths around Mississippi, but not many elsewhere. The Crescent City Classic in NOLA and the The North Face Half Marathon in DC are the two on my radar right now. 

I looking forward to posting updates, pictures, and videos about the food I meet, the new things I learn, and my training leading up to the races! If you want to follow along on my challenges, follow me on Instagram @JJeatWorld, read blog posts from JJ eat World categories, and follow me on Facebook or Nike+ for running updates.