JJ Townsend


Don't Be the Sacrificial Seal

Here is one of the best lines of Shark Tank from the one and only Kevin O'Leary.
“There is a certain island in South Africa where the largest amount of sardines thrives. Seals love sardines and hundreds of thousands flock to the island in search for food. They look at the sardines from the rocks but are hesitant to get in because of the great white sharks that are just waiting for one of the seals to jump in. However, one seal has to jump in first and in a sense, sacrifice himself so that the other seals can be spared and catch the sardines. Most likely, the hungriest seal will jump in first and be the sacrifice for the survival of the species.”
Kevin then asks Bea if she realizes who she is in the story.
She is the first seal that jumped into the water.
Then he tells Bea not to go swimming.